A Leader in Multimodal Stations


Grupo Promotor de Desarrollo e Infraestructura SA de CV (Grupo PRODI) is a Mexican company with ventures in several industries, including urban transport, real estate development, construction, advertising and aeronautics. Throughout its history, this family-owned company has been involved in large-scale transportation infrastructure projects, such as highways, mass-transit infrastructure, and notably the construction of the Los Cabos International Airport.

PRODI has also participated in several government contracts related to public transportation infrastructure projects, including a small contract to modernize crumbling bus infrastructure in the CETRAM Cuatro Caminos in exchange for the right to generate revenues from its advertising space. The company now has concessions in 14 Mexican cities to maintain over 2,500 bus shelters. Building on its experience constructing mass transit infrastructure (like Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Rail System), PRODI has become a leader in building and operating multimodal stations in the MCMA, with three mass-transfer stations under its arm (Ciudad Azteca, El Rosario, and Cuatro Caminos). In 2017, these stations combined handled close to 800,000 people every day.


Highway in the state of Veracruz (Source: Mota Engil)


Los Cabos International Airport (Source: Foursquare)