Transportation Impact

Handling Daily Transport


According to UTL, the station contributed to a significant rise in Metro boardings in the months following the inauguration of the two transfer areas, reaching a maximum in 2013. As of 2017, Mexipuerto was handling 130,000 daily users, who connected to 52 concessioned routes and 26 additional transportation companies, which make around 215,000 vehicle trips each month.


Total Daily Metro Boardings in Ciudad Azteca (2009-2015). Source: UTL with data from STC


UTL also credits the technical support they lend to the operators as having a direct impact on their decisions to upgrade to newer and larger vehicles. The graph below shows that, despite the fact that the number of vehicle trips has remained relatively constant, the number of registered vehicles declined. Station operators argue that this is due to fewer, larger vehicles, making more trips each day.


Total vehicle trips per-day and number of vehicles in Ciudad Azteca (2009-2015). Source: UTL