Cuidad Azteca Development Timeline


PRODI held a small government contract to upgrade Cuatro Caminos (lighting and bus shelters)

PRODI held and executed a government contract to build and maintain Cabo’s airport


Jose Miguel Bejos visited Azteca for the first time

Difficult initial conversations with the City of Mexico Metro (Florencia Serrania) and the COO of PRODI (Javier Garcia Bejos)

PRODI discovered that an Electricity Union owned the vacant land adjacent to the Metro

State government agreed to purchase the vacant parcel and release an RFP to build a CETRAM

Electricity Union showed up the day of the agreement without the deed to the property and the project stalled indefinitely


PRODI hired a lawyer and opened a case to gain proof that Electricity Union owned plot (this judicial process took ~1.5 years)

PRODI returned to State government with the deed. The state was approaching elections and no longer able to support the project. All available funds were allocated for the new BRT line

CC Arquitectos commissioned Commercial market study for Ecatepec Municipality around Azteca station by Softec (December 2005)

New Mayor of Mexico City, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez, was elected. Florencia Serrania was let go by new administration and hired by PRODI (sometime in 2005)


New State government in place (Enrique Peña Nieto elected as Governor)

With no financial partners, PRODI took out a loan to purchase the deed from the Union ($4M USD), and received the concession from the state.

Designs of the project grew, because of rising unforeseen investment costs.

Survey in the Azteca metro terminal (Line B) by Softec to determine client target tastes, preferences and needs (October 2006)

PRODI assembles team: Manuel Cervantes (Architect) and Thomas Consulting (Retail Strategist from Canada)

PRODI assembles financing: Creates a JV with COMURSA who took majority stake in the equity (60%, 40% for PRODI)

Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, reaches out to ask for help developing a better CETRAM model in the City (47 CETRAMS in CDMX, 2 in State of Mexico)


Thomas Consultants Inc. was commissioned by Comursa of Mexico City to prepare this Ciudad Azteca Terminal Retail Strategy Study (Delivered Jan 2007)


Peaceful eviction of 66 informal traders (April 17th 10:50PM)

Phase 1: East Building opened Nov 2009 (55,386 m2)


Start of operation of transfer area

Mexibus Line 1 launched operations in October 2010


10 companies, 18 taxi public transport companies and Mexibus provide services in Azteca; 600 units of taxis assigned by Secretary of Transport (not all make use of Mexipuerto) (Jan 2011)

West Building Opens 11,706 m2 (Aug 2011)