Basics of the Concession Agreement

The Right to Build


On August 4th 2006, COMURSA signed the concession agreement with the State of Mexico. In the contract, COMURSA acquired the right, for a period of 30 years, to build on government land, exploit the commercial, advertising, healthcare and parking services, and introduce a charge to public transportation vehicles entering the station.


“The government of the State of Mexico, through the Transportation Minister, Lic. Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, grants COMURSA, the ‘concession’ to build, rehabilitate, operate and maintain the modal transfer station Ciudad Azteca. This will consist of the acquisition of the land, the development of investment project, management of land transport flows, user security, creation of basic infrastructure and operation of public parking, bathrooms, advertising space, construction and management of commercial spaces, provision of security, cleaning and hygiene, maintenance and management of the Ciudad Azteca Station.”



Summary of the Terms of the Concession


COMURSA agrees to:


Additionally, it agrees to give to the Government of the State of Mexico:


In turn, the Government of Mexico acquires the obligations to:


Finally, the contract allows for the Government of the State of Mexico to extend the agreement, among other alternatives, if unforeseen circumstances arise which make it impossible for the concessionaire to recuperate the total amount invested, including the financing cost and a reasonable rate of return. (Pp. 23)


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